The Bathroom Cleaning Kit All Homemakers Need

I’ve had my bathroom cleaning kit for a few years, and I can honestly say that it has made my life easier. For me, cleaning the bathroom is one of the most dreaded chores of all time.

Having my bathroom cleaning supplies ready to go makes it easy for me to tackle the job fast and just get it done! This blog post will help you learn how to make your own bathroom cleaning kit today.

Essential Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

toilet brush 

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scrub brush 

all purpose cleaning spray 

lysol wipes – for wiping down the toilet, counter, and sink

To clean the bathroom, you need to spray it with a cleaning solution and let it soak in. Bathroom cleaner spray or traditional liquid bathroom cleaners are typically used. In addition, you can also use bathroom scouring powders and bathroom scrubbing pads to clean the bathroom.

– bathroom cleaner spray or traditional liquid bathroom cleaners

Scrub brush for tough jobs like cleaning toilets

Squeegee for the soap scum on the shower walls and shower doors

Toilet bowl cleaner with bleach to keep things sanitary and help you avoid getting sick from germs lurking inside of it (gross!)

Toilet brush

A bathroom cleaning kit is an excellent way to save time when bathroom cleaning. A bathroom cleaning kit should include: bathroom cleaner spray or traditional liquid bathroom cleaners, bathroom towels with bleach for wiping down the toilet, counter, bathtub and sink, a disinfectant that can be sprayed into the air to kill germs on surfaces in your bathroom such as counters and toilets. This is especially important if you have a bathroom in your home that is shared, such as the one on the first floor.

You don’t want to spend hours cleaning the bathroom, so why not put together your own bathroom cleaning kit to make things easier?

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