10 Reasons Why Green Thumbs Everywhere Are Obsessed with Spider Plants

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Spider plants are one of the most popular houseplants in America. There are so many fantastic benefits of Spider plants.

They require very little light or water to survive, they release negative ions into the air which help promote a calm demeanor and can be placed in any type of lighting setting.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-care-for plant that will add a lot of green to your home without making much work for you, spider plants may just be what you need!

We’ll take a closer look at the 10 benefits spider plants offer so you know exactly what makes them so great.

1. Spider plants are very easy to care for

The spider plant is a low-maintenance houseplant so you don’t have to worry about over or under watering it, and they only require light every other day.

Keep in mind that one of the best things about spiders is how adaptable they are!

If your home gets lots of natural light, make sure to place your spider plant in a sunny location. If not, it can adapt and be placed in a darker area like the corner of a room or under furniture where there isn’t much direct sunlight.

And if you live in an area that’s humid (or if you use a humidifier), make sure to wipe the leaves down occasionally because the spider plant loves humidity! In fact, it’s one of their favorite things.

2. They’re great at purifying the air inside your home

Spider plants are known for being one of the best air-purifying houseplants out there. They help clean out benzene and formaldehyde from the air in your home so you can breathe easier.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, NASA conducted a clean air study that showed of all the indoor plants that participated, Spider plants remove 95 percent of toxic substances from the air including reducing the carbon monoxide level.

Spider plants can absorb and remove toxic contaminants from our beds, furniture, carpet and flooring, paint, and other plastics that we use on a daily basis.

In fact, they’re used in government buildings to purify the air inside of them because of their ability to remove pollutants from the air. If you have pets, spider plants help rid pet odors from the home as well!

3. Spider plants add a nice touch to any room

You may not give your spider plant’s appearance much thought, but they can actually add a nice touch and look to any room in the home with their beautiful leaves and green color.

Plus, it’s easy to place them just about anywhere — on your desk at work, next to your bed at home, or even on the edge of your bathroom countertop.

Spider plants are a perfect home for those who want to add some life and color into their space.

The green leaves of these plants can be variegated, which makes them even more beautiful when hanging among flowers in an indoor planting scheme or on your windowsill at work!

They are even great for patients in rooms at the hospital or nursing homes. Studies have shown they also help speed up the recovery of many sick or injured whether at home or in a facility.

4. They make great gifts

Spider plants are an ideal housewarming present, and they’re a nice way to welcome people into their new homes.

In fact, you could even add one of these to your wedding registry if someone is giving you a home or making your home more comfortable for you!

If you have children, the spider plant also makes a great gift that will help them learn about plants and how to take care of them.

They can even help out a bit by watering it with a spray bottle or moistening the soil ever so often, which will give you a chance to bond.

5. Spider plants can make your home more beautiful

Spider plants were introduced into homes in the 1960s because people wanted to bring nature inside.

They wanted to see more of the outside world reflected in the home, so they brought spider plants into their homes because they create a lush forest-like atmosphere that makes people feel at ease and relaxed.

All they need is some bright indirect sunlight for a few hours out of the 24-hour cycle and you have some beautiful greenery for your home.

6. Spider plants are safe for pets

It’s usually a good idea to keep certain plants away from pets because they’re poisonous if ingested.

However, the spider plant is on the list of non-toxic plants that can be placed in homes with pets, so you don’t have to worry about your feline or canine friend munching on this one. ASPCA says so here.

7. They’re extremely versatile

Typically, spider plants will grow 2 feet long if allowed to do so, but you can also keep them as a small bush to add some green to your home.

You can place it on a table, near a window, or next to a bed because they don’t require much light and will do great anywhere!

Any location or decor style will accommodate this plant – another benefit to a spider plant.

8. They’re perfect for those who have desk jobs

If you work at a desk, spider plants are a great way to help you counteract the effects of a stuffy or small office.

They can purify the air and help you feel more relaxed at your desk, so put it next to yours if you’re trying to relax a bit throughout the day!

If you have a problem with dry skin from working in an area with lots of heating or cooling, the humidity that spider plants release can help moisturize your skin.

9. They’re a fascinating part of nature

Spider plants are a type of plant in the Chlorophytum comosum genus, which currently has over 800 different types!

There are even other varieties called “intergeneric hybrids,” which basically means that they’re a cross between two or more types of plants to create a whole new type.

The spider plant is the only one in its genus and it’s very easy to grow and maintain.

Which makes it perfect for those who want an air purifying plant, but don’t have much time or skill when it comes to taking care of plants.

10. You can propagate your spider plant into a whole family!

If you buy a spider plant from the store, there’s a good chance that it actually has a few baby plants growing off of its side.

The Spider plant may produce Spiderettes which are plant babies that you can clip off and add to the soil to grow your own full-size spider plant.

This type of plant is so great because you can cut off any part of it and place it in the soil to have multiple spider plants start growing from this one original mother plant.

This means that you can actually get free spider plants from your original purchase and give them to all of your friends or family!

Spider plant benefits are plenty but if you have a love for indoor plants, growing spider plants from babies are very sweet.

Final thoughts on the 10 benefits of Spider plants…

Spider plants are low-maintenance, easy to grow, and can be placed in any type of light setting.

They make great gifts for those with desk jobs or new homes as well as a wonderful way to bond with children who want to learn about plant care.

Spider plants have many health benefits and can adapt to various climatic environments.

They also help purify the indoor air, moisturize your skin while adding lush greenery to your indoor space wherever you place them!

If you’re looking for some green without too much work, spider plants may just be perfect for you!

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