Savor the Delightful Curves of Campanelle Pasta!

Pasta is a beloved food all over the world, and one of its most gorgeous shapes is campanelle. This delectable pasta shape has curves that look like a flower, making it as enjoyable to look at as it is to eat. Not only are the curls of campanelle visually delightful, but they also capture and hold sauces better than any other pasta shape. From pesto to bolognese, these curly noodles taste delicious with any type of sauce.

What is Campanelle?

Looking for something special to spruce up your Italian feast? Why not try campanelle, the charmingly shaped pasta with a name meaning “bellflower” in Italian! Its curled edges and ruffled ridges provide an elegant backdrop that will make your sauces and spices shine.

At only two inches long, this short tubular-shaped pasta is designed to grasp onto flavor so you can experience every bite at its fullest potential. Bellflowers have never looked – or tasted – quite like this!

Not only does this pasta look gorgeous on your plate, but it has a distinct chewiness that’s simply delightful in any dish. Whether you’re an avid pasta chef or just beginning your journey into cooking Italian favorites, understanding what campanelle pasta is and how to use it can help bring some visual appeal to your meals.

Campanelle can be enjoyed as part of almost any type of meal, from soups to salads or casseroles. It also pairs particularly well with rich cream sauce dishes such as fettuccine Alfredo or carbonara due to its ability to catch plenty of sauce around its ripples.

How to cook campanelle pasta

Campanelle pasta substitute

Campanelle Pasta Recipes

Whether you’re in the mood for a simple side dish or a hearty main course, we’ve got something for everyone!

Tuscan Pasta Tordellata

This Tuscan pasta tordellata, intordellata or stordellata is a delicious deconstructed version of a traditional tortelli recipe from Tuscany. It tastes as good as the filled pasta dish, with less work! Made with campanelle (gigli) pasta this recipe is a great way to use up leftover meat sauce. Tuscan Pasta Tordellata Recipe

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Skillet Lasagna

This hearty skillet lasagna recipe is easy to make with Campanelle or Bowtie pasta in a skillet on the stove top! It has all of the flavor of classic lasagna, but a fraction of the work! Skillet Lasagna Recipe

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Ham and Pea Campanelle

This Ham and Pea Campanelle combines smoky ham, sweet peas and pasta in a lightly seasoned super creamy cheese sauce. Not only is this made in one pot but it is real quick to come together and tastes delicious. Ham and Pea Campanelle Recipe

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One Pot Cheesy Italian Goulash

In need of an easy weeknight dinner idea?  This One Pot Cheesy Italian Goulash is the perfect dinner solution!  Made with simple ingredients that you likely already have in your pantry, this one skillet ground beef dinner is fantastic for feeding your family any night of the week! One Pot Cheesy Italian Goulash Recipe

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Campanelle Pasta with Sausage and Broccoli

This broccoli rabe and sausage pasta recipe is pretty quick to make, since much of the prep work can be done during the cooking process.  Most of us that cook a lot, tend to do this anyway, but with this particular recipe featuring campanelle pasta it seems to time out just right. Campanelle Pasta with Sausage and Broccoli Recipe

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Enjoy The Taste & Visual Appeal

Pasta is a timeless cuisine that has been enjoyed for centuries, and no pasta shape is more delightful than campanelle. Its curved, ruffled edges bring elegance to any dish, making it perfect for both casual and formal dinners. With its unique shape, campanelle can be used in many different recipes to create a variety of flavorful dishes. From classic Italian favorites to more creative concoctions, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this beautiful pasta shape.

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