9 Steps To Clean Your Bathroom Fast

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Everyone needs to know how clean the bathroom fast. Here are 9 steps that will help anyone looking to clean your bathroom fast. We’ll share some tips and tricks, as well as what you need in order to get it done faster!

Bathroom Cleaning Tools

Have you heard the saying, “you need the right tool for the right job?” Well, bathroom cleaning is one of those jobs that demands a specific set of supplies. Your job will be much easier with just a little bit of preparation. Learn how to keep your bathroom cleaner spray, wipes, scrub brush for tough jobs, etc. organized by creating your own bathroom cleaning kit.

Clean the Tub or Shower

Before you clean your tub or shower, remove all toiletries and then focus on the tile walls.

I like to use a small scrub brush built in the bathroom cheap plastic squeegee for the tiles. It is an easy way to get all of the gross soap scum that builds up on there.

For a quick cleanup, I only need to spray the tile with a Spray down all areas with an all-purpose cleaner or one that is made for cleaning your tub surround after you are done scrubbing it off with soap/water mixture in a bucket (vinegar + detergent).

Work from top to bottom, following instructions on your tile cleaner, and then fully rinse away any tile cleaner residue. Spray down the walls with an all-purpose cleaner or a cleaner that is made for your tub surround. Let it sit for three minutes so it can power through some of the grime and make cleaning easier.

If your grout is dirty and has mildew, you can use grout cleaner and a brush. Clorox Plus Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover Spray Bottle

Turn the shower heads down to their lowest level, and clean with a toothbrush. If you use bleach, don’t forget to leave the windows open for at least a couple of hours to air out the room. If cleaning glass doors try using a squeegee with a homemade vinegar spray.

For stubborn soap residue or mildew buildup try scrubbing vinegar mixed with baking soda using a small brush; this will work well around nooks and crannies where you can’t reach easily as long as there is any kind of access point at all!

A tub that is free from moldy spots! Start by scrubbing away any hard or stubborn stains as well as soap scum on the tile using either a squeegee or brush. I like using scrubbing brushes because they are very effective at getting out all of those nasty stains that can build up on your tub!

Clean the Bathroom Floor

Bathroom floors are notorious for attracting dust, hair, and other grime. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can make the floor sparkle with a broom or brush of some sort (a pet-hair remover would be best). If you have a larger bathroom, then use the vacuum cleaner to suck up all of that hair and dust.

Personally, I use the Swiffer Sweeper 2 in 1 for my bathrooms. It’s a time-saving dry and wet mop in one. It’s lightweight with a tall stick and I don’t have to worry about back pain from bending over to sweep the floor. And I love, love, love not having to wring out a mop!

The Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1 dry cloths have deep ridges and grooves to trap dirt particles from hard surfaces; while the wet mopping pad dissolves grime for a quick, efficient clean. Refill pads are kind of expensive but I stock up when the stores are having spring cleaning sales. Occasionally, I buy the store brand as a thrifty alternative.

As a bonus, the wet pads have a nice fragrance which leaves bathrooms smelling great after use.

Clean The Mirror

Clean the mirror with glass cleaner and paper towels. Spray the cleaner on a paper towel, and wipe the mirror clean. First, get some Windex or another glass cleaner. Then grab a paper towel so you don’t leave any streaks behind.

Wipe Down The Sink & Counter Top

Wipe down the sink and countertop with disinfectant wipes. You’re gonna want to wipe down the bathroom sink and toilet with some disinfectant wipes. You don’t want to be picking up your toothbrush off of a dirty surface, do you? That’s gross! Disinfectant wipes will kill the germs that could make your family sick.

Polish chrome faucets and handles with chrome polish, Wipe off any fingerprints on faucets and handles with a paper towel and window cleaner.

Clean The Toilet

Fill the toilet bowl with water, and sprinkle in some toilet bowl cleaner. Swish it around with a toilet brush. Flush the toilet, then let the bowl soak while you work on other parts of your bathroom.

Sweep out any dust bunnies under the sink or behind toilets , Vacuum, then sweep with a dust pan and broom. Clean up hair around the floor with a dust mop, or a dog brush and Sweep out the corners behind the toilet where dust can gather, Clean up hair on the floor with a dust mop or dog

Dust off any cobwebs in corners of your ceiling fan or light fixtures, Once you’ve vacuumed, take a quick look around for cobwebs in the corners of your ceiling fan or light fixtures. Dust them off with a broom or dust cloth.

8) Spray air freshener all over to make your bathroom smell nice again. Don’t forget to spray the air freshener on the floor, behind the toilet, and inside cabinets.

9) Put away any cleaning supplies and unused toiletries underneath the sink, Replace the lid on any cans of air fresheners or cleaning supplies.

We hope that these 9 tips will help you make your bathroom shine in less than 10 minutes! Whether you need help getting started or just want some new ideas for the best ways to tackle cleaning tasks, be sure to download your free copy of our house cleaning checklist today!

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