Make Frugal Living Fun Again: Download Your Savings Challenge Printables

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Looking to change your spending habits and save big this year? This printable savings challenge will include many different methods of saving money and all of them will help you reach your financial goals! It can definitely be challenging to start a savings plan, but once you start and stay consistent with it, you’ll find a sense of relief in the fact that you are more financially stable. 

Having savings established is critical for those unexpected emergencies, vacations, Christmas gifts, and more! Things like car repairs, veterinary bills, medical bills, and more can place a huge financial burden on you if you’re not at least somewhat prepared for it. For this reason, we would absolutely encourage you to start a savings challenge as soon as possible! 

In this article, we’ll share with you various savings challenges and printables to go along with them. It’s essential to find what works for you and your lifestyle, so feel free to try a few of these and find which one works best for you and your family. 

What are the benefits of using challenge printables for frugal living?

Challenge printables provide a visually appealing and organized way to track your savings progress. They serve as a motivational tool to help you stay on track and reach your financial goals. Additionally, challenge printables can help you stay organized and focused on your frugal living endeavors by providing a clear outline and plan to follow. By using these printables, you can easily track your savings, expenses, and progress, which can ultimately help you achieve your financial goals faster and more efficiently.

Common Question about Savings Challenge Printables

How can printable money challenge charts help me stay motivated?
Printable money challenge charts visually represent your progress and serve as a visual reminder of your financial goals. Seeing your incremental achievements on a chart can boost your motivation to continue saving.

Where can I find a printable savings tracker bundle?
You can find printable savings tracker bundles in our shop.  We offer a collection of different savings tracker templates, including colorful, black-and-white, and weekly savings for specific dollar amounts.

How can I make a monthly savings challenge fun?
To make a monthly savings challenge fun and engaging, consider adding a creative twist, such as a reward for reaching certain milestones or involving friends and family in the challenge.

Money Savings Challenge

Printable money challenge charts visually represent your progress and serve as a constant reminder of your financial goals. Seeing your incremental achievements on a chart can boost your motivation to continue saving.

Furthermore, challenge printables can serve as a way to gamify your frugal living journey, making it more fun and engaging. This can help you stay motivated and committed to your budgeting and saving efforts. Overall, challenge printables are a great tool for frugal living as they provide a structured and visual way to track and manage your finances, while also keeping you motivated and focused on your goals. 

There are a few different approaches to this method, and of course, you may stick to it or find a modified happy medium that works better for you. Here is an outline of what the money savings challenge would look like! 

– Save ALL $1 bills. This is pretty self explanatory but every time you come across a $1 bill, throw it into a jar for this printable savings challenge! 

Note: You can choose any denomination of bills that you’d like. Some people prefer to do $5 bills because they add up quicker, and some even like to save $20 bills because it’s easier to take those out of your total cash pile and build a savings quickly. This will largely depend on what your goals look like and how quickly you’d like to save money. 

– In addition to saving ALL $1 (or chosen denomination) bills, save all your change! You’d be surprised how quickly this can add up! Check places like pockets, wallets, cars, and even under couch cushions for change to add to your savings. This can be a GREAT savings motivator for those who come into contact with cash consistently! It’s easy to squirrel it away and keep it out of sight, out of mind when you’ve constantly got cash coming in, so if you work in an industry that deals highly in cash, this will be a fairly easy method to add to your routine!

As a bonus, if you are a visual person, this will be great motivation for starting savings because you can watch it physically grow. This can also be a fun method for teaching little ones about saving money and earning money! You can continue this challenge as long as you’d like – whether you’re saving for a vacation, a house, or to establish a savings account, the freedom is yours to decide how long to continue this challenge!

30-Day Money Saving Challenge

A 30-day money-saving challenge is great for short-term savings goals, but you can also replicate it (or modify it) month to month to match your current savings goals. It is also one of the easiest of printable savings challenges. This is a great starting point as well for those who are trying to get their spending under control and manage their finances better or even establish an emergency savings fund. 

The goal of the 30 day money savings challenge is to increase your savings each day, corresponding with the day of the month. For example, on the 1st of the month, you would save $1, and on the 2nd day of the month, $2, and so forth. 

You can either keep track somewhere like a notepad or spreadsheet, or to make it fun and exciting – you can also try the envelope modification! The envelope modification is where you would label 30 envelopes numbers 1-30. Each day, you select a new envelope and you put the amount on the envelope inside. [Note: if you’re having trouble starting with the bigger dollar amount days, feel free to cycle 1-15 for the first couple weeks. Again, this money-saving challenge can be flexible to your needs!] 

Save $500 in 30 Days

Saving $500 in 30 days might seem hard, but you’d be surprised at how you can make this possible! This isn’t as structured a printable savings challenge as the others, but we’ll share some best tips and practices for saving money in 30 days! 

1. Cut out dining out.

This is one of the most costly and neglected categories of most people’s spending habits! It might not seem like it when you’re eating out here and there, but it can definitely add up. The savings can be astronomical if you really start to cut down! A good starting point is getting rid of any food delivery apps off your phone to get rid of temptation. Not only are they tempting for convenience, but the extra fees are super expensive! 

2. Sell things rather than donate them.

Up for some spring cleaning? Gather things you no longer want or need and sell them! A great place to do so is Facebook Marketplace, but there are other options like Poshmark or eBay as well. 

3. Try a No Spend month!

A No Spend month sounds difficult but is actually fairly easy, it just takes some discipline! Consider yourself on a “No Spend” and cut out all things that aren’t absolutely necessary! Things like entertainment, dining out, clothes shopping (unless necessary for school or work), etc. are all things that you’ll want to steer clear of during this time. 

4. Keep track of your savings!

As with the other printable savings challenges, it’s a good idea to track your progress somewhere and see how much you’ve saved by eliminating other expenses.

5. Learn to become a Virtual Assistant!

If you have some spare time, learning to become a virtual assistant can be a great way to help you bring in additional income to add to your savings. 

Stay consistent with these 5 things, and you’ll find that saving $500 happens rather quickly, especially if you haven’t cut down in these areas at all prior to your printable savings challenge! 

52-Week Money Saving Challenge

The 52-week savings challenge is pretty self-explanatory! Each week, you add to your savings account the amount that corresponds with which week it is. For example, week 1 = $1, week 2 = $2, and so forth. By the end of this, you will have saved $1,378, ideally! And of course, if you have strong financial goals and extra funds, it’s okay to squirrel away some extra on those weeks too. It can be fun to see how much you can “beat” the end amount by! 

The best part about the 52-week saving challenge is how easy it is and how you can somewhat “set it and forget it”. If you get paid weekly, just transfer some into your savings every time you get paid and it’ll be sort of out of sight, out of mind. 

How can I get the most out of a 52-week money-saving challenge printable?

To maximize your savings using a 52-week money-saving challenge printable, consider setting a realistic goal, committing to regular contributions, and tracking your progress using the printable chart or tracker provided.

Can I download a PDF of the weekly savings challenge printables?

Yes!  Our shop has bundle of printables that you can download now for $5.00 . This includes over 15 savings challenge printables in PDF form that you can easily download and start using today!

Bi-weekly Saving Challenge (26 weeks)

The Bi-weekly printable savings challenge is like the 52-week savings challenge but tailored to those who get paid bi-weekly rather than weekly. The difference between these is that you’ll just account for 2 weeks at a time when you get paid. This makes it easier financially, as it can be harder to deposit into savings the second week after getting paid. It will amount to the same total, which is $1,378 in a year, if you stay on track. Like the 52-week challenge, you can add as much as you want! 


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