Grocery Clearance Food: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Finding clearance deals at the store can feel like a big score. From clearance meat to pantry goods that will last forever, clearance deals are a great way to save money on food, build your stockpile on a budget, and even try new products that you may end up loving.
How to find clearance deals at the store
Finding clearance deals is easier than you think. Start by checking seasonal sections after holidays and events. This is a great time to get things like candy and baking mixes for a steep discount.
Check the meat department for stickers indicating managers’ specials to find meats about to hit their use or freeze by date. These need to be taken care of as soon as you get home to avoid waste but are well worth it.
Get to know the sections your stores place clearance products in. Many stores will move clearance items to one or two areas. This makes it easier to clearance off leftover stock to make room for new products.
How to stretch small clearance food packages further
When you are shopping for clearance deals, it is not uncommon to find yourself with a small box of something that may not be enough for your family normally. This can easily be stretched to make it work for your family in a few simple ways.
Make it a side dish – Side dishes are a great way to bulk up meals and use smaller portions of items that you find a deal on vs using for the main dish.
Add it to a bulkier dish – If you find yourself with a small package of meat you found on clearance and need to make it go further, you can use it in a casserole or perhaps make use of it in a stir fry.
Bulk it up – If you find a clearance baking mix that is not big enough for your whole family, try using it in a way that it can go further. Fun cake mixes make a great mix into pancake mix for a fun and unique pancake.
How to preserve your clearance food
When you find food on clearance, depending on the item it may need to be preserved right away to prevent waste. For pantry goods, you can relax knowing the food is still good for months and even years after the date on the package.
You need to act fast for meats when you snag a clearance deal. This is because meats are put on clearance by the butcher when they are 1 day away from their use or freeze by dates. If you do not plan to use them right away, you need to put them in your freezer the same day you buy them. For the best results in preserving your clearance meats, you should vacuum seal them before freezing to extend the freezer life to a couple of years.
To preserve your clearance produce take the time to wash it in vinegar and store it. This can be to sort out the pieces that need to be tried and cooked right away from those that have a bit more time for you to figure out how you want to process them. Most clearance produce can be trimmed and frozen for later use while dehydrating and canning are other great food preservation methods.

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