How to Host a Taco Bar Party

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If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to feed a crowd, look no further than the backyard taco bar party! This setup is simple to execute and can be tailored to accommodate any taste preferences. Plus, it’s perfect for summer get-togethers! Here’s what you’ll need to get started. . . .

While tacos are an extremely popular food for weeknight dinners and fast meals, they’re also the perfect excuse to get all your family and friends together for a fun (and delicious) party as well.

  • Feed a crowd with ease
  • Can be tailored to any taste preferences
  • Perfect for spring get-togethers
  • Super simple to execute
  • Requires Minimal preparation time

Here are some great tips on how to host a taco bar party that will have everyone leaving full and happy.

Invite Your Family & Friends

First and foremost – invite your friends! How else will you know how many plates and ingredients you’ll need to have on hand?

Plan A Taco Bar

Forget about trying to make a five-course meal and focus on what people really want to eat. The tummies have spoken, and everyone agrees that tacos and toppings are where the party really begins!

Set Up A Taco Bar Buffet Style

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Have guests bring a topping

This simple ask is the perfect way to involve the guests in on the fun. Don’t think of it as a potluck per se, but just a fun way to have everyone bring a topping that they love to eat with their tacos.

This will be a great way to save money while also having a wide variety of taco toppings for everyone to share.

You can cut down on duplicates by writing on the invitations that you’re going to be supplying the taco shells, taco meat, and cheese and let everyone else know to bring a different fun topping of their choice!

Add some extra chopped vegetables to the table for those that don’t eat meat and put out a few bowls for people that are eating low carb, too. They can then make their own taco bowls and forget the shells while still getting to enjoy all the fun flavors and tastes.

Keep the menu simple

Remember that the more guests you have, the more dishes and silverware there will need to be cleaned. Keep it simple and use sturdy paper plates instead! Since tacos are meant to be eaten with their hands, the need for silverware should be minimal, too.

Don’t forget that some people have food allergies and things that they can’t eat. If you can have food options, that’s an excellent step to take as a host.

Don’t forget the heat!

There are many people who love spice, so have a spicy section just for them! Add the salsa, peppers, tabasco sauce, and anything else that might have them sweating and asking for milk to that area of the table.

Since not everyone likes to have hot and spicy foods, this is a simple way to keep it separate but accessible for everyone who wants it.

Have fun with the simple decorations

Think colorful streamers & Mexican blankets

There are also fun taco holders that you can get that would add a fun flair to the party. This simple addition would make the party festive as well!

Serve cold drinks in colorful cups

Play music and have fun!

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Enjoy good company & great food in your backyard

As you can tell, you don’t have to stress out over having a taco bar party for Cinco de Mayo! As long as you have the key ingredients on hand and guests with an appetite, you really do have everything that you need!

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