How to Organize Little Girls Hair Accessories: 20 Perfect Hacks

Little girls love hair accessories almost as much as moms love clean bathrooms. But with young daughters come big accessory messes.

Organizing their hair accessories allows you or your daughter to find them quickly and keep the bathroom or bedroom clean.

It teaches girls independence and responsibility as they learn to keep their accessories organized and the bathroom clutter-free.

It also allows them to get ready by themselves when they can see what they have and where to find it. 

If you are struggling to keep your daughter’s hair accessories organized, or want more creative ways to store them, read on to find 20 ideas on how to organize a little girl’s hair accessories.

How Should Girls Store Their Hair Accessories?

You may organize your girls’ accessories differently than someone else, but no matter the way you do it, there are some practices to follow to make things easier and keep things cleaner.

  • Easy to See. Easily being able to see all of the hair accessories allows for a faster morning and a cleaner bathroom. If your daughter can’t find the scrunchie she wants, bows will be flying, clips will be scattered, and the bathroom will be messier than ever. 
  • Central Location. Keeping hair accessories in or near the bathroom provides easy access while fixing hair. You don’t want to search around the house for a hair accessory when it can be right at your fingertips. 
  • Clear Location. If kept in one spot, a child can easily return a hair accessory. This way they aren’t confused about where the product goes, and there is less chance of it getting lost. They also should have designated “homes”, so your daughter knows where each of them belongs. If you find a hair accessory out of place, you can say “Oh, this bow needs to find its home!” and she will know exactly where it goes.
  • Separated. Keeping accessories separated helps protect the products so they don’t get tangled or damaged. And nothing is more frustrating than when you’re in a rush and the accessory you want is tangled with four others. Who has the time to sit and untangle? 

4 Different Ways to Organize Little Girl Hair Accessories

There are many different ways to organize a little girl’s hair accessories. What works for one person may not work for another. Find what works best for you and your daughter. Here are 4 different options to consider:

  • Color. Sorting by color allows for an easy way to match outfits, a faster way to find a specific accessory (ex: a girls’ favorite hair bow), and it is more aesthetically pleasing, rather than having a bucket full of colors. It also helps younger children learn their colors and practice sorting them by colors. 
  • Type. Organize by the type of hair accessories. Put all the scrunchies together, the bows in a separate container, and the elastics somewhere else. This allows for children to pick which type of accessory they want and with easy access. Rather than looking through a basket of accessories, they can look in a specific place for the bow they want. 
  • Child. If you have more than one daughter, you can separate their hair accessories. This works well if you have kids of different ages or girls who like keeping their things separate. Siblings share a lot as is, separate their accessories to let them have their own belongings. 
  • Size. Keep larger-sized items together, and smaller accessories together. This will allow your daughter to pick what size she wants with the outfit she has on. If she needs a smaller clip to keep her hair back, she can easily find it. Or if she wants to stand out a little more with a big bow, she knows right where to look.

Now that we’ve talked about strategies for organizing your little girls’ hair accessories, let’s get to the products that will make it easier.  

Organizing Rubber Bands/Elastics

  • Stackable Box. One convenient place to store hair elastics, with the option for additional storage to stack on top. No more loose hair bands in every drawer! Also in different colors, find the one that fits your daughter’s bathroom the best. 
  • Sort by Color Storage Box. Make organizing fun for your little girl! Let her arrange her rubber bands by colors or mix and match as she pleases. In addition to the box, this container comes with 2400 multi-color rubber bands that are durable, stretch, and long-lasting.
  • 3 Compartment Organizer. This round, 3 compartment organizer keeps all of your little girl’s rubber bands in one convenient location. It’s small and compact which allows for vanity or drawer storage. Plus, if your daughter gets tired of it, take it for yourself for office or kitchen storage!

Organizing Hair Bows

  • Hanging Bow Holder. Doubling as a cute decoration for your girls’ room, slide on any and all bows on the removable horizontal rod or dangling vertical ribbon. Easy access for your daughter to do it herself, with a cute quote sign to add a special touch.  
  • Snappable Bow Holder. This hanging bow holder is perfect for bow organization – plus the added headband storage. It has 10 horizontal and 18 vertical snappable tabs for storage. The hanging feature allows for your girls’ room to stay neat and organized. 
  • Flat Organizer. If you don’t want the hair bows hanging on the wall, this 10-space organizer is perfect. It is designed to stand or lay flat – whichever is best for you. Sort your bows with room to spare and through in any other miscellaneous items you don’t have a place for. 

Organizing Scrunchies

  • Vertical Stand. One tower for scrunchies is a must-have. Store all of them in one place without having them scattered across the house. Inside the tower, is extra storage space for clips, bows, or other accessories you just don’t have a place for. The tower also makes for easy on-the-go access. 
  • Tree Stand. Rather than taking all of the scrunchies off the tower to get to the one you want at the bottom; the tree stand provides six different branches for multiple scrunchies. Sort them by color, material, or your favorites. It also provides simple, but trendy decor for any bathroom or bedroom. 
  • 3 Tier Holder. Perfect for a girl with lots of scrunchies and bracelets, the 3-tier stand keeps everything together with a nice display of all your scrunchies. Made with velvet, one row can hold up to 15-20 scrunchies or bracelets. Also in different colors, it is a perfect addition to any bathroom. 

Organizing Headbands

  • Horizontal Headband Display Organizer. This display stand is easy to use and shows a variety of headbands (and/or bracelets) all at once. Plus, the clear organizer will look good in any bathroom.
  • Stackable Headband Accessory Compartment. Not only does this organizer vertically display headbands, but it also doubles as a hairbrush holder, freeing up counter space. The stackable compartment allows for extra storage, i.e. scrunchies, clips, or whatever is your daughter’s go-to accessory. 
  • Oatmeal Box. For all my DIY people out there, this allows for a fun craft activity with your daughter – while creating a way to store her headbands. Take a cylinder oatmeal box, and cover it with fabric, for quick and easy headband storage.  

Organizing Clips

  • Clip Wall Display. This hair clip wall display provides 15 slots for clips and other hair accessories. The built-in lanyard allows you to hang it wherever you want, with the easy ability to move it. Slide the clips on and see everything all at once!
  • Hanging Clip Holder. Smaller and lightweight, the wall accessories organizer takes up less space and adds a nice touch to any room. Hang it next to a bed or on the wall in the bathroom. On top of clip storage, the removable accessories bar allows for more storage as needed.
  • Stackable Containers. If you prefer your girl’s hair clips off the wall and in a drawer, then this organizer is for you. A stackable set of 3 containers saves space while still staying organized. Your daughter can choose the type of clip she wants with easy access to the container. 

Combo Storage

  • 27 Section Storage. Store it all in one place! This 3 drawers bathroom vanity will hold all of your daughters’ accessories, from hair bows to bobby pins, while minimizing space and still looking good. 
  • Scarf Hanger. This hanger stores all accessories with quick access and a way to look at it all at once. No more searching through drawers for one specific accessory, it’ll be right in front of your face! Hang it behind the door or in the closet
  • Jewelry Box. These 1-tier tackle trays come with ample storage space for little girls’ hair accessories. Store earrings, rings, and hair ties in the top compartment, and bows, clips, and hairbands in the drawers below. Lockable, flexible, and easy to transport. 
  • Three-in-One Fashion Display. In addition to a scrunchie tower, this stand provides three extra storage compartments for other hair accessories. Keep your clips, bows, bobby pins, hair ties, and spiral hairbands organized in one spot.  
  • Drawer Organizers. To reduce any clutter or storage on the countertop, use drawer organizers to customize the layout to what you want, and keep things sorted and tidy. Customizable to fit any drawer and easy to find the accessory you’re looking for. 

Final Thoughts On How to Organize Little Girls Hair Accessories

There are many ways to approach the organization of your little girls’ hair accessories.

Organizing your daughter’s hair accessories helps keep the bathroom clean and protects the products from getting lost or damaged.

In addition to staying organized, storage for hair products can also double as cute decor.

These 20 ideas for how to organize little girl’s hair accessories are affordable, simple, and will help make getting ready in the morning a breeze.

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