Quick Tasks You Can Do When You Have No Time To Clean House

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Every woman has a time in her life when she has no time to clean. It might be because of work deadlines, kids coming down sick, or just an over-booked and busy schedule. No matter the reason that your house has spilled over with messes and clutter, there will always be those 10-minute tasks that can make everything seem organized and clean again.

9 quick tasks for when you have no time to clean house

If you’ve been putting off cleaning your home for the last few days, it be too overwhelming to even start, but it doesn’t have to be that way! These 9 quick and easy tasks will help you get started:

1) Clean out any junk drawers or closets so they’re not overflowing with clutter; 2) vacuum up all those little pieces from around the house (lint balls, carpet fuzzies); 3) pick one area of the bathroom – usually floors are easiest – and do a thorough scrubbing; 4) wipe down surfaces such as cabinets door handles and countertops where dirt accumulates easily before getting into contact with food preparation areas; 5 )

1) Throw away anything you don’t want anymore (including papers with personal information!) 2) Clean out your closet 3) Take care of any dirty dishes 4) Wash clothes 5). Vacuum 6). Wipe surfaces 7 ). Do laundry 8 ) Hide clutter 9 ) Put things back where they belong

Clean your kitchen counter

Kitchen counters are usually messy and sticky. First, remove everything on the counter. Then wipe the counter with warm water mixed with soap while scrubbing it gently using your sponge.

Clear off your desk or table

If your desk or table is a mess, it might be time to clear off the clutter. It’s good for your health and productivity! Get rid of unnecessary things. Make sure that only the important stuff remains.

Put away clothes

It’s a pain when you have to fold clothes and put them away, isn’t it? Make things easy for yourself by creating a place where you can put away your clothes immediately after you take them off. Use hangers to organize your clothes and be sure to fold them neatly so they don’t wrinkle.

Straighten up your living room

Having a tidy living room in your home can have a huge effect on how you feel. Get to work and start picking up those toys, books, and clothes. Put them back where they belong so you can relax in your clean home.

Sort through mail

This is an easy organizing task. It takes less than 10 minutes to figure out what mail is junk and can be thrown straight into the shredder. Read through the remaining letters and bills, continue to shred anything that you don’t need.

Straighten up your bedroom

Your bedroom is a place for relaxation. Make it easy to relax by straightening up your room by changing the sheets on the bed, vacuuming, or dusting the furniture.

Take a quick vacuum
With the right vacuum cleaner, it’ll take less than 10 minutes to quickly get rid of all the dirt and dust in two or three rooms. Progress over perfection is the key here

Straighten up your bathroom

Your bathroom is a room that you use every day, so it can get messy quickly. Take five or ten minutes to tidy is things up and make your life easy! Start by cleaning the faucet with some elbow grease, then wipe off any smudges on the mirror and fixtures with a cloth dipped in warm water. Finally, clean the bathroom floor with a mop or a broom and dustpan.

It only takes a few minutes to clean the sink of any toothpaste splatter, the hair from your last shower, or get rid of items that you never use.

Go through your closets

Donating clothes is a great way to help others and get rid of your old things. Clean any fingerprints on windows You can clean fingerprints off the glass without spending much time, especially if you use a paper towel or a lint-free cloth.

Straighten books on your bookshelf

Bookshelves look neater when the books are lined up in order.

Clean the microwave

How many times do you use your microwave in a day? You might be surprised at all the food particles stuck inside it. If you’re not using your microwave right now, then why don’t you take that opportunity to clean it? Just sprinkle some water on a sponge or rag and wipe the inside of your microwave

Clean out your refrigerator

Throw away any expired food or perishable items. Empty all shelves and drawers, wipe them Throw away any expired food or perishable items Clean out your refrigerator with a scrub brush to remove build-up on the walls and floor Take everything out of the fridge that you don’t plan on eating soon – this includes condiments, drinks, eggs, cheese etc., as well as anything in the freezer Wash each shelf and drawer by hand with soap and water before putting them back in place Put all fresh produce into containers instead of leaving it loose in the fridge door ins or at eye level where it’s easy to grab an apple. Throw away any expired food or perishable items – this includes condiments, drinks, eggs*, cheese etc., as well as anything in the freezer ** * Wash each shelf and drawer by hand with soap and water before putting them back in place These are some great ideas for when you have a few minutes to spare. Do you have a few more moments to spend? You may not be able to tackle that big project, but there are quick and easy things you can do which will help make your home more organized. Here is one pastime suggestion out of fourteen; Cleaning Out Your Refrigerator

Take out the trash

A messy kitchen countertop can make your whole house feel dirty. So take a few minutes during the day (or night) to grab some bags from under your sink and haul them outside. Once they’re gone, you’ll notice how much cleaner everything else looks too! 2) Wipe down surfaces – I know we just said take out the trash but don’t forget about those sticky cabinets on top of

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