How To Organize A Small Bedroom Closet

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There are practical ways to organize a small bedroom closet to maximize the space available and keep your closet neat. Unlike large closets that can get messy because of sheer size, a small bedroom closet tends to get over-packed and jumbled.

The trick to organizing a small bedroom closet lies in separating clothes by season and purpose and relying on hanging options for everyday use and shelves for long-term storage.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you sort out the clothes you hardly ever wear to reduce the amount of stuff you need to organize in the first place. Here’s how you can organize your small closet in one or two hours to make finding things easy and quick.

How to organize a small closet with lots of clothes

Before you start to organize your closet, take a look at what’s inside. The tendency to keep clothes just in case you’ll need them one day makes organizing a small closet unnecessarily difficult. If you haven’t worn something in over six months, it’s time to donate it to Good Will.

The most practical way to organize a small closet is to reduce the amount of stuff you have to organize. Since you won’t be wearing bulky sweaters and boots in winter, there’s no need for them to crowd your small summer closet. And vice versa for summer shorts in winter.

Storage Space

Most small closets have a high shelf on top, but most people can’t reach this shelf without a step ladder. This makes it ideal for tucking out-of-season clothes high above for long-term storage.

Put boots or sandals in a box and stick them on the shelf as well. With half your clothes and shoes “gone”, organizing a small closet will be much easier.

Shelves vs. Rods

Now that you have fewer clothes to deal with, it’s time to organize your small closet in such a way that it will stay organized for more than a week. If you only have shelves in your closet, consider taking a shelf out and adding a closet rod for hanging clothes. With shelves, you have to look through stacked, folded clothes. Chances are you’ll mess the pile, and pretty soon, your small closet will need to be organized again. But if you hang the clothes you wear most often; you’ll reduce the need to make a mess.

Hanging Clothes

Hang pants as well as shirts, and use hangers with slits to prevent clothes from slipping off and ending on the floor. Organize your small closet for easy access by hanging the clothes in groups reflective of how you wear them; the right shirt beside the right pants. You can also choose to organize your small closet by color code, and then you can find matching garments by their shade.

Folding Clothes

Organize the shelves in your small closet by creating stacks of similar items, folded neatly by color. Such items should be suitable for folding, like bulky sweaters (that fare poorly when hung) or T-shirts and jeans. Keep similar items together, so you’ll never have to wonder which pile is the short T-shirts and which the long.

Shelf Dividers or Storage Bins

Small Bedroom Closet Solutions

Shoes & Purses

A shoe or purse organizer can be a great way to get your shoes and purses in order, but if you don’t have the space for one, there are other ways to do it.

Here is how I organize my shoes and purses: First of all, find a place for them. It could be on shelves inside the closet or by an entrance door. Then use labels so that each section is easy to see when looking in the closet (I label mine with shoe type like “shoes” or “purses”). Keep your most worn shoes at hand while organizing others easily accessible near where you wear them regularly. And finally go through periodically and purge ones that haven’t been worn in awhile! 

Organize the floor of your small closet as well as its shelves. Build a simple shoe rack to pile all your shoes together in order. Don’t hang long items just above your shoe rack, or you’ll never be able to see the shoes. Vacuum the floor of your closet when you clean the room, just in case things ever do fall on the floor despite all your closet organizing efforts.

1. Pick a place for your shoes and purses

2. Organize the space to make it easier to find what you want

3. Label each section with shoe or purse type, like “shoes” or “purses”

4. Consider organizing by color so that they are easy to see in the closet or on shelves inside the closet

5. Keep your the shoes you wear most often by the entrance to your home

6. Eventually, go through your shoes and purge ones that you don’t really wear anymore

Shoe Organizers

Belts and Ties

You can buy a tie or belt hanger that you can keep on your closet rod, but it’s easier to organize your small closet by hammering nails on the sidewall and hanging your ties and belts out of the way.


If you don’t have a light in your small closet, you’ll likely end up making a mess again, no matter how much your try to keep things organized. Look for battery-operated lights that you can hang from the wall or ceiling. Motion detector lights are best because they will come on as you open the closet door. But even a cheap flashlight will do if you hang it low so you can switch it on as needed.

Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas

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