Home Gym Decor Ideas For Your Home Work Out Haven

Do you want to work out at home, but need some inspiration? Many women are looking for small home gym decor ideas and affordable items that will help them stay motivated. If you’re one of those people, then this post is perfect for you! In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss 10 inexpensive items that will make your workouts more enjoyable and effective.

How To Decorate A Home Gym

Having a home gym is a great option for many people. You don’t need to worry about the weather. It’s cheaper than paying dues at a nearby gym.   You have your own equipment.  And you don’t have to go out of the house! However, before jump-starting a home gym it’s important to know where you want to place your equipment. Many home gyms are created in a corner or living room space of the house. If you’re really tight on budget and/or resource, then you could always turn your bedroom into a home gym. By doing so, you’ll have access to both cardio equipment and weights machines.

Cardio is a great way to get in shape! A treadmill or elliptical will be perfect for this space since they don’t take up too much room. You can also find treadmills and ellipticals that double as a weight bench for your upper body workouts. There are also other great cardio machines such as stationary bikes, stair masters, and rowers. Lastly, you have to think of the space in which you’ll store your exercise equipment. If you don’t want it taking up too much room, try looking for mini-treadmills, stationary bikes, and ellipticals. If you do not have a lot of space, try buying foldable machines to be stored away when they are not in use.

Storage is very important for your home gym. You’ll need to keep space open for equipment such as dumbbells and barbells (weights) along with machines such as a weight bench and workout bench. You don’t want to make your home gym equipment overflow with these items so be sure to create designated storage for both weights and machines. If you have mirrors in your space, then that is even more great news! Make sure you place those strategically around the room so that you can watch yourself workout at all times.

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When starting a home gym, you may be tempted to buy all the newest equipment and latest fitness gear. While this is a great idea, it can get pricey. Instead of throwing money out your window, try looking for good quality used exercise machines at an affordable price! You can usually find these items on classified ads sites or even at local gyms! You can also buy used equipment from friends who are no longer interested in it or from large retailers such as Craigslist and eBay. Just be sure to do a thorough inspection of the item before you purchase it.

Find a space in your home to dedicate to the gym

  1. Choose a color scheme and paint walls accordingly
  2. Add a lock for safety reasons, as well as blackout curtains for light control
  3. Purchase some new workout equipment – treadmills, weight machines, etc. are all good options
  4. Decorate with inspirational quotes or pictures of athletes on their best days
  5. Get creative! You can buy used equipment from other people’s homes or garage sales if you want an inexpensive option that still looks great in your gym room!
  6. Buy a rubber mat to place under the equipment for protection of floors and noise reduction
  7. Create an inspiration board using pictures of your favorite athletes . This will help you stay motivated on days when you do not feel like going to the gym
  8. Find some great music to put on while working out

If you want to be able to see yourself while doing exercises, mirrors are a must! They allow you to remain accountable and in control of the whole thing. This is especially important if you’re someone who will have others using your home gym too. Lastly, it’s nice for those extra tricky balancing moves like planches and front lever holds.

I am a big fan of the whiteboards with magnetic hooks for easy additions and removal.

Another great option for space is rope lights – you can string them like a perimeter around your gym area, or use them to add gentle light to an otherwise dark corner that might be hard to train in during the winter months.

Small home gym decor

Motivational Wall Art

It’s important to be creative with the small items you have in order to create an inviting and motivating workout haven for yourself. Here are some ideas:

– Hang motivational quotes or pictures from places like Pinterest on your wall.

– Purchase small plants to place in a small pot.

– Set up an area with books about fitness or healthy living for some light reading.

– Add small, inexpensive items that you enjoy using when you workout to your small home gym decor like resistance bands and dumbbells.

– Choose colorful mats, blocks, and accessories so your small home gym is more like a space you enjoy being in.

– Add small furniture to your small home gym decor, like a bench or chair for stretching and relaxing between sets of exercises.

– Hang motivational words on the wall using magnetic paint so they can be adjusted as needed.

– Pick up some floor mats at Costco to place under your small home gym equipment.

– Use small, inexpensive mirrors to help create a bigger and brighter workout space in your small home gym.

– Hang a large sheet over the doorway for some privacy when you’re working out with others or need to take a break from someone else’s TV show on the other side of the room!

Once you have small home gym decor that suits your taste, it’s important to keep yourself motivated. One way is by creating a workout schedule for the week and give every day of the week its own theme. For example:

– Monday – Cardio Day

– Tuesday – Upper Body Strength Training

– Wednesday – Yoga

– Thursday – Lower Body Strength Training

– Friday – Rest Day!

With small home gym decor ideas from this post, you can get started on creating the perfect space for yourself!

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