How To Have A Stress-Free Holiday Season

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Let’s talk about how to have a stress-free holiday season.

It’s easy to love the holidays! The fresh pine scent of the tree, promises of delicious food, and signing “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”. The holiday season often starts out with all the feels – warm and gushy inside, and a rush of goodwill toward others.

But soon the to-do list seems endless. The budget is spent. And time is running out. By the time the holiday actually gets here, you are experiencing meltdowns by the microwave.

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the season get in the way of creating a special holiday for your family. We’re sharing the only tips you need for a stress-free holiday season.

Avoid Perfectionism

Does your daydream holiday feature you as the beautiful, apron-wearing hostess presiding over a Pinterest perfect home? Forget about it. Trying to attain perfection could be a recipe for disaster. It’s better to focus on friends and family.

If you’ve got the gift of hospitality and are dedicated to throwing a party ever, then plan ahead. And keep it simple. Decorate at least 10 days ahead of time. Plan a simple buffet meal so you’re not stuck in the kitchen. Speak up and ask your guests to bring a starter dish or dessert. Remember that the best parties happen when the hostess is relaxed and enjoying her time with her guests.

Give yourself the gift of self-care

Self-care is a struggle. So, this holiday season go ahead and splurge on a mani-pedi. Get a 30-minute massage. Skip the box dye and head to the salon. Or send the kids to Grandmas for a sleepover and plan a quiet evening at home with just your husband.

Keep the faith

Whether you’re religious or not, the holidays are a time for giving thanks and counting your blessings. Many women purchase an Advent calendar. Or they find themselves drawn back to church. A time of worship or the quiet moments of prayer can be a soothing reminder of the “reason for the season”. But if you don’t wish to attend a church, a morning devotion can be a wonderful private moment for reflection.

Control the chaos

The holiday season is no time to wing it or think you will remember everything. Write everything down. Become best friends with your calendars and checklists. They will help you control the chaos.

Limit the number of holiday traditions you follow

We tend to cling desperately to traditions. After a while, it starts feeling as though it’s impossible to let something go… well, because we’ve always done it this way.

By limiting your favorite holiday traditions to just 2 or 3 things that you “must do”, you leave more time to stay in the moment. You then give your family more time to reflect on why you are doing the things you do.

A stress-free holiday season starts with you

It’s tough to hold onto the merry mood, but tough doesn’t mean impossible. To enjoy the “most wonderful time of the year” focus the important stuff and get rid of the rest

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