24 Reasons Why Houseplants Make You Happy

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Houseplants make you happy. They’re not just a decoration or something to show off in your home. They actually produce endorphins, which trigger the same chemical reaction as when we exercise and help us feel better.

There are so many ways that houseplants can improve our moods – from the colors of flowers to the way that they clean our air to how they can even relieve stress. If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to create a healthier lifestyle, then adding more plants into your life is for you!

Plants have been proven to improve our mood and increase our happiness by releasing more chemicals that put us into a happy mode. They also help reduce stress, which is a major factor in getting sick.

Some plants can remove toxins from the air as well as help filter out impurities from water so it’s important to be mindful of what you’re adding to your environment. Here are 24 reasons plants make you happy.

Indoor plants may reduce stress and help you relax

According to a study done at Texas A&M, caring and watering plants provide people with a way to decrease stress. The act of having plants and taking care of them turns your stress and frustration into something positive.

This is due to the phytoncide (the airborne chemicals that plants emit to protect them from rotting and insects) that they have, which can lower stress hormones and increase serotonin levels. Phytoncide and houseplants make you happy.

Help clean your air

Plants naturally eliminate carbon dioxide from the room while they breathe and produce oxygen. The more you have, the cleaner your air will be, which can also help improve your mood as well as boost productivity since you’ll be breathing better quality air.

As natural humidifiers

Plants make the room feel warmer and cozier by releasing water vapor. As a result, they can help reduce the risk of developing respiratory problems, colds, and flu. And, if you’re a smoker, it’s a good idea to put a plant on your desk.

Improve mood

When exposed to nature or greenery, studies have shown that people are kinder, more cooperative, and less likely to focus on negative events when completing tasks. In fact, a plant simply sitting in a window at home or work could boost productivity by 15%.

The New York Times wrote an article about Forest Bathing and the benefits that spending time in green spaces like forests can have on stress. The study shows that spending time outdoors was able to reduce cortisol levels in the participants.

If you can not get out into a forest for a two-hour walk every day, surrounding your home and creating a garden inside can have the same effect.

Green spaces have been found to have an impact on cognitive performance under constant noise and distracting activity.

In short, the more plants you have, the less stressed out you will be. This means houseplants make you happy!

Plants decrease sickness

A study from NASA in 1989 found that surrounding yourself with green foliage will purify the indoor air of volatile organic compounds.

Not only do plants give us cleaner air, but also oxygen as well as purifying deeply inside our lungs by filtering toxins like benzene and other chemicals we breathe in daily such as formaldehyde from carpets, furniture, and plastics.

These compounds are cancer-causing chemicals. However, not only does the beauty of an indoor garden help you from getting cancer, but it can also help decrease the number of colds and respiratory infections that you might get.

This means that houseplants are natural air purifiers and the more leaves they have, the better.

Boost creativity

Did you know the color green is said to boost productivity? I may need to change the wall color in my office!

I guess the next best thing is to add more indoor garden beauty to the space.

Being around nature helps you to think more clearly, allowing you to open your brain and find a bigger sense of thought and creativity.

I know that some of my best ideas come to me when I’m out for a walk.

Reduce Noise

Did you know plants reduce noise?

This is because they absorb sound waves which reduce the amount of noise you will hear indoors. But be careful with large houseplants as they can create echo effects that amplify sounds rather than block them out.

People will plant trees and shrubs between their homes and road to reduce the noise. Why not use that concept in your home as well.

Help With Sleep

Studies have shown that being around plants not only reduces stress, it also helps you get a good night’s sleep. Part of the reason is that they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which can help you fall asleep faster.

Here’s why they help you sleep better. A room filled with clean oxygen will help your body and lungs work better. This in turn will help you get into the perfect sleep state faster. And this will mean that houseplants make you happy!

Happy cheerful Asian family mom and daughter watering plant in gardening near window at house. Self-isolation, stay at home, social distancing, quarantine for coronavirus prevention.

Indoor plants are great for kids

Having plants at home or in your child’s room can create a more positive mood and be a stimulus for creativity.

It also teaches them how to take care of something and gives them a sense of responsibility.

Help you live longer

Studies have shown that living near green spaces or spending more time in nature can improve your health.

By taking care of plants, also makes people lead a healthier lifestyle.

Not only do they improve our mood, but they can also significantly increase life expectancy.

Reduce headaches

While there are many plants when consumed or sniffed can reduce a headache, there are also many that can help headaches while simply being.

As stated above, indoor plants can clean the air and act as humidity balancers. These two things can bring on a headache. So by having plants in the room, they can eliminate those issues.

They can also reduce stress (another and biggest contributor to headaches). Having some green in your home and office can make you happy by simply eliminating those pesky headaches.

Improve blood pressure

Studies have shown that vegetal and floral scents lower blood pressure. Simply creating a calming and soothing environment can decrease your blood pressure.

The best option for this would be to place a plant where you’ll see it often, such as on your desk or nightstand.

Fight disease

Studies have shown that having more greenery in your surrounding environment can reduce the risk of developing respiratory problems, colds, and flu. And, if you’re a smoker, it’s a good idea to put a plant on your desk.

Indoor Plants are beneficial to our eyesight

Issues such as dry eye can be made worse by dry and poor air quality. This environmental issue can be helped with houseplants.

Improves immune system

A NASA research study showed that in addition to the plant’s ability to filter toxins and impurities from water for human consumption, adding a few plants also helps purify contaminated air we breathe by releasing negative ions which remove harmful particles like bacteria and viruses.

Improve memory and concentration

The same NASA study from above has also shown that greenery can improve cognitive functions such as decision-making and creativity by up to 30 percent.

In addition to helping sharpen mental functions, plants also help boost focus and attention span.

A study from the University of Technology showed improved performance among students who were exposed to plants during lessons compared with those without any greenery around them.

According to NASA, there’s a good reason for this – greenery’s ability to lower results in reduced fatigue and irritability. This is a good reason why houseplants can make you happy.

Plants promote mental well-being

This is thought to be due to the relaxing and calming effect they provide on us humans. The scents of certain houseplants help lower anxiety levels resulting in lowered stress hormone production such as cortisol. As mentioned earlier, studies have shown that having more greenery around your environment can reduce the risk of developing respiratory problems such as colds and flu.

It is recommended by many professionals that people spend more time being in contact with nature in order to improve their mental health.

The scents of certain houseplants help lower anxiety levels resulting in lowered stress hormone production such as cortisol. As mentioned earlier, studies have shown that having more greenery around your environment can reduce the risk of developing respiratory problems such as colds and flu.

Those who live in areas of the world where they are very deprived of nature seem to benefit the most, but even if you can’t get your hands on a tree, there are other ways to enjoy nature.

Indoor plants boost creativity

A study has shown that workers in green spaces were more creative than those who worked in buildings devoid of any plants because greenery triggers memories associated with carefree childhood experiences which makes us feel free and safe.

This is a good reason why houseplants make you happy.

Create a quieter room by lowering background noise

Plants absorb sound so they can be a great solution to busy open floor plans where background noise is an issue.

Their stems, leaves, flowers, and even soil that they are planted in all absorb noise.

So if you live in a noisy building, office, or home (with small kids, pets, and maybe even husbands) pick up a bunch of plats – the more the better.

Plants improve efficiency

A study has revealed that plants create a more efficient environment for people including better concentration levels and fewer errors. This can all help boost productivity and ultimately save companies money as well as make employees happier!

Create a nice aesthetic

With the popularity of the boho design, plants seem to be gaining in popularity.

Let’s face it, all that greenery can really brighten up a space.

This is good for your soul and will give you a warm and happy feeling each time you come home.

Different house plants in pots on white table at white brick wall background. Pot flowers hobby concept, panorama

Indoor plants help keep homes feeling fresh

It’s well known that plants help purify the air we breathe by taking in carbon dioxide as part of photosynthesis and releasing oxygen as a by-product.

However, they also absorb other nasties such as formaldehyde which is often used in construction materials.

Furthermore, studies have shown that having more greenery around your environment can reduce the risk of developing respiratory problems such as colds and flu. Another good reason why houseplants make you happy.

Allow for nurturing environment

There’s nothing like nurturing yourself and giving your mind a break.

Whether it’s reading a book, meditating, or simply having some quiet time alone to focus on your own thoughts each day. Having plants around you allow for this much easier.

Houseplants provide companionship

When you need someone to talk to, plants are good listeners. They provide companionship and give you something to care for.

When you are lonely and cannot have a pet, houseplants make good companions.

One study has shown that people who had plants in their home reported feeling less stressed and more sociable even after just a three-week period!

Final Thoughts On reasons Plants Make You Happy

It’s not just about how plants make us feel, but also the ways they can help improve our lives.

Indoor plants boost creativity, create a quieter room by lowering background noise, provide better concentration levels and fewer errors inefficiency which all help to increase productivity.

Houseplants give companionship when you need someone to talk to or are feeling lonely while their purifying powers keep homes fresh and free of nasties that could harm your health. This just means that they may keep you healthy but also, houseplants make you happy.

The next time you’re looking for something new to add to your home decor consider adding some greenery!

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